Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some updates

Well, Had my appointment today. Went well. They did an ultrasound only because they got a new machine and they needed to be trained on it. Still no idea how big she is but that's ok. I'm guessing she is about 7lbs, but that's just me guessing. She ended up sweeping my membranes and I was shocked to learn that I am 2 cm dilated, in a negative 2 position and about 75% effaced. No wonder my hips and back hurt so bad. Still no contractions that I know of unless that is what all my back pain is. Other than that, we are doing ok. Matt put the crib together yesterday and I did a bunch of laundry and I'm still not even close to being done with it. Gotta wash everything before you can use it (well that's how I was raised and I've been told by many people it's best to do it that way anyway). All of the whites are washed, now I just have to wash her colors and finish her blankets and then catch back up on my everyday laundry. I'll probably end up washing her bedding last only because she isn't going to be in the crib til she is a little older. She is definitely active though. I ended up scaring her last night doing the dishes and all I could do was laugh as I buckled over.... weird feeling... lol. Not much else to report. I'm always tired and I'm getting grumpier by the day but doing pretty good.

I do have one question for everyone. I'm interested in coupon websites and stuff like that. I'd like to start getting into the habit of saving money now that we have a little one. So if we could get some good websites that would be greatly appreciated.

Hope you all have a good day. We will keep you all up to date the best we can. We love you all!

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