Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So, as you can see, I added some timers to the blog. Matt wanted me to add them so that he has something to look at to tell him how much longer he has to be in the unit he is in and how much longer we have until we leave this base. The date is only a guess as of right now for when we leave Ft. Leonard Wood but when I find out the exact day, trust me, I will update it. We can't wait to leave here!

Monday, February 23, 2009

More Pictures

Here are just a few more pictures I thought you would all enjoy. Some of them might show up on the birth annoucement but I have yet to decide which ones or even the layout of the annoucement yet.
I can't remember if she just sneezed or if she just yawned but it's still cute.

Just thought it was cute how she layed her hand like that.

The jacket has a cute frog on it & this is the rest of the outfit.

Close up & one of my favs.

Just hanging out & actually not screaming while getting a "spit bath" & bum change.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sarah Mackenzi Jardine!!

Ok, so I know it's been 11 days but it's been crazy and busy. Here are the long awaited pictures.

Introducing Sarah Mackenzi Jardine.
She was born on Feb. 1, 2009

Little Sarah came out SCREAMING!!!
If you look closely, this is her exact weight. 7 lbs 7.7 oz but on the birth certificate it's 7 lbs 8 oz. She was 20 inches long.

Day #2. The nurse gave her her bath and put this cute little bow in her hair.

At home chilling with daddy watching some tv.

Laying on Nanna's chest with her arms all tucked up. Matt couldn't resist getting the picture.
So to make the story quick but known. We were at our friends house waiting to watch the Super Bowl and all of a sudden my water broke. It was 4 pm. We got to the hospital about 5 (cause our friend lives out in the middle of no where) and I was admitted by 5:30. I got my epidural somewhere in the 8 o'clock hour and at 11:42 pm she made her appearance. Like I said earlier, she came out screaming. She spent most of the night in the warmer only cause she was still trying to figure out how to breath. She did have jaundice pretty good and they helped supplement her for one night with formula to kick start her liver. She is completely healthy now and has her 2 week check up on the 18th. Other than that, we are just slowly adjusting. Nights are hard for me only cause I'm breastfeeding but Matt is nice enough to wake up with me for a minute or 2 and even change a diaper or 2 while I go to the bathroom. We are so grateful to have her with us.
We love you all! I'll try to post more pictures when we have them.