Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Sweet & So Cute!

So, here are a few pictures I've taken. I just had to share. I still can't believe she is going to be 6 months old on Saturday. She has her 6 month well baby check up and shots on Tuesday. I'm not looking forward to the shots but she didn't do too bad last time. Hope she is good this time too.

Things with the move are starting on it's way. I have some things in the house getting fixed tomorrow and then I get to start the big list of things that need to be done. It's going to be one stressful few months. Well, until we are settled into a place in Carson. I honestly can't wait to see some friends of ours that moved out there in June. I've sure missed them! And a good friend that was actually my Vet Assistant teacher in High School is now living in Denver so she will be close, and I just realized there is a lot of cousins that live in Colorado. Might have to just get in touch with them. And then there is the big plus.... We are only 9 hrs away from home. People will be able to come visit us better and we will be able to come home maybe a few times more than we have been able to here. Wow, only about a month away until we are out of here!!!!

Matt will be home in 14 days, well, hopefully, he plans on trying to drive straight through but I don't want him to over do it so we will see. I can't wait to see him again. I know Sarah is missing her "da da". She just started saying the "da" sound about a week ago and has it down packed!
Well, hopefully you enjoy the pictures. These might be the last but I promise I will try to put more up before we move.

Scrunched up against the wall of her crib...
She fell asleep holding on to her soothie. She doesn't really suck on it anymore, just chews on it.
Doesn't it look like she is Praying?
Her newest toy. She LOVES it!!
Sweet smile, so excited!
She actually squealed when I took this she was so excited.
Yeah, so tired she didn't' even fuss, just fell asleep.
How stinking cute!!!!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's been a long summer.

So, it's been another month and Sarah is just getting bigger and learning new things. She has mastered rolling over and when she gets the chance, rolls everywhere. She started eating solid food on the first of this month. She loves applesauce and carrots. Peas, not so much but will eat them. That's as far as she has gotten with food. I'm thinking either squash next or sweet potatoes. We'll see how I feel when that day comes.

Matt is doing well, he doesn't like it out there much but has found a few friends to hang out with. He has 18 more days and then we get to start our journey to move. I'm excited and can't wait. Other than that, not much else. I've not enjoyed the "single" parent role much. It's very stressful. I get very little time to myself, but I'm going ok. My neighbor has been a huge relief. She is a sweet lady and I'm going to miss her dearly! I wish we would have started talking a lot sooner!

Here are some pictures of Sarah when she was 4 1/2 and 5 months old. Hope you enjoy.

Taz laying next to Sarah. So cute. The dogs are pretty good with her.
She just adores them!
I think she was looking at Taz.
I love when she does this. SO CUTE!!!
Another view. I love how she has her fingers entwined with it.
Sleeps just like me... and if you notice, I love that sleeper she is in!