Monday, October 27, 2008

Rock Band 2

Saturday night, early Sunday morning after a GREAT breakfast and tonight after us girls carved our pumpkins, Jennifer, her husband David, Kayla, her husband Cory, and I all got together and played Rock Band 2. Well the boys and I played anyway. Here are some pictures from Saturday night.. and a couple from yesterday morning.

Sunday morning right after Breakfast.. Buddy and me chilling for a bit. I had a lot to eat and I was really full. Couldn't really move.

Me trying to play the drums and Kayla was about to make fun of me when Jennifer took this picutre.

This was my first attempt on drums. It's a lot harder than it looks. I had fun though but I think I'll stick to the Guitar.

Cory rocking out.. He did great for his first time ever playing the game.

David taking a short breather between songs.

David, (Kayla munching on some cake) Cory and I all concentrating really hard on a song. We all had a lot of fun. Can't wait to do it again.

Oh, and it's not as easy as it looks... trying to play a guitar with a belly. You kinda have to play it on the side instead of right in front of ya. I figured it's easier to kick back in the recliner and play.

Needless to say, the past 3 days have been a lot of fun. It's going to be sad when Jennifer and David move away.

The only thing I'm doing for Halloween this year...

Well, the only thing I did for Halloween this year was carve a pumpkin. I haven't carved one in 5 years and thought that it would be fun to do. Here are 2 pics of it....

Working hard...

Final project... I actually messed up but still looks good...
I'm still debating on if I want to carve my other one or just find a cute design to paint on it. It took me close to 2 hrs to carve just this one. I had fun though. Kayla and Jennifer's pumpkins turned out cute too!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Official. We are having a Girl!
Yesterday, I went down to Sprinfield and had an Ultrasound done for fun. Here are some pictures.
As you can see, Sarah was not one bit shy!

Her Cute Little Foot!!

I love this picture. Both hands and one foot!

The perfect Profile picture. This was the last picture she did before she showed me the 3D.

This wasn't part of the package but she ended up printing it off for me anyway.
I think she looks a little like me but we will have to wait and see.

Getting bigger and definately feeling it.
25 weeks
(& 6 days if you want to get technical) =D

Friday, October 3, 2008

Here are some pictures of my baby shower back on Sept. 21st. Most of the gifts were just clothes but I did get a diaper genie and a bottle warmer. Here are a few pictures of some of my favorites. I will post a few more later.

I absolutely LOVE the ruffles on the bum!!
Shana's mom made this! Love it! They also gave me some really cute clothes too.

When I showed Matt these, he busted out laughing. I thought it was really cute!

Another home made blanket from my friend Jennifer. The back is a light yellow.

Some other news. I am currently treating an Oral Thresh (a yeast infection in my mouth). It's not been a fun week but it is slowly getting better. The doctor I saw just said to eat yogurt and if it didn't seem to help then he would prescribe me a mouth wash.

I spoke with Matt the other night and I have some good news. He has confirmed that he WILL be home before Christmas. I'm not going to say the date but if you want to know, just ask Nancy. I was able to tell her in "code" (for security reasons) the actual date. He has also decided that we won't be taking any leave time until we have the baby. He wants to be able to let me recover and to be able to bond with his new daughter. We are still not sure if we will be able to come home this spring or not but we will keep you up dated on that.

Not much else is new. Just trying to enjoy every day but it is starting to get a little more uncomfortable and harder to get off my couches. :) Her kicks are starting to get stronger but I have yet to actually feel her kick my hand. She is really active though. Kinda fun actually. I can't really describe how it feels. Bubbles comes to mind.

OH OH!! We've decided on a name. We will be naming her Sarah Mackenzi. Sarah is Hebrew for "Princess" and Mackenzi is Irish for "child of the wise leader". We are excited!!