Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So, it's been close to two months. I guess it's time for a new post.

We finally made it to Colorado. It's actually really awesome! I love being back around a city and getting to look at mountains everyday. I can't believe how much I've miss them. The drive here was MISERABLE!!!!! Sarah did just ok. The dogs did GREAT! Only had one scare and that was in Missouri just north of Springfield. We got caught in a pretty good storm. The rain was coming down so hard you couldn't see three feet in front of your vehicle. Well, once it cleared up we were able to pick up speed again and move along. Well, I was following Matt and all of a sudden, he hits this HUGE puddle. Water shot well over fifty feet in the air. He almost lost control of the Jeep and trailer. My heart sank for like 5 seconds. I was so happy he was able to keep control. If I was driving, yeah, it would have been a different story. I saw the puddle in enough time to slow down and not hit it as hard. That was really the only scary part of the entire trip.

The house here on base isn't too bad. My favorite part is the fact that I now have a laundry room. No more laundry in my kitchen.... YAY!!!! The other good part is that the dogs have a back yard to play in that is fenced in the only down with that, the people that lived here before us, didn't take care of the grass and so now it's just weeds and mud. But we will be changing that. It's only a two bedroom house so we are having to down size a little bit but not too bad. It's actually kind of a good thing. Getting rid of a lot of stuff we don't need. Still trying to decide if I want to do a yard sale or just donate it and get a tax right off. Hm...

Well, here are some pictures. Hope you all enjoy.

Sitting in Daddy's car on a pit stop somewhere in Kansas.
Hey Daddy, guess what?!? The car is now mine!!!
See, Look, all mine!!!!
I'm not liking the guitar too much Daddy.
Oh hey, these are awesome!
LOOK!! I can play all by myself!
Let's see, do I hit it like this?

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The Julander's said...

Oh my gosh she is getting soooo big! Glad you guys made it to Colorado finally!