Monday, December 15, 2008


Well, it's official. Matt is home from the war. He actually got into the state of Missouri around noon yesterday but wasn't on post until about 5pm. They marched into the gym and all the spouses, family and friends went into a huge up roar. The first 3 people were wounded soldiers and they got a huge round of applause and tears started rolling. Matt walked in about half way through the huge group of soldiers. The commander of the post gave a small speech, we had a moment of silence for the fallen soldier, SGT John Savage, and then they were released. It took us a minute to find one another but once we found each other it was great. We hugged and he just stared in aw at how big I am. (I will post pictures later). My friend Jennifer was there to take pictures.

I just want to say thank you to all my friends here that helped me through this deployment and for all the support from the family. I have learned a lot of independence and I definitely don't let people take advantage of me anymore.

We will be calling people throughout the week but I'm sure it will be short due to phone minutes. At least until the weekend.

We love you all and I know you are all just as happy as I am that he made it home safely after 14 months of being so far away.

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kathy j. said...

I was great to talk to you today...glad that you are back. Can't wait until you can make it back out west for a visit. Take care and enjoy being home.

Love you...Steve, Kathy and the kids