Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hello from R&R

Hello everyone, I am offically on R&R. I arrived in the states Apr 30, 08. Kayci and I have had fun relaxing. Kayci and I went to Branson, at a Bed and Breakfast, named Hummingbird Inn. The stay was amazing and went and saw several museums and attractions. This past week, i have been lazy and relaxing. I well be leaving for Iraq for the second time on May 19, 08. I will have only 7 months to go and counting down. I sould be home in Utah sometime around Mid January.

I miss you guys and am always thinking of you. I miss my nephews and nieces, and want pictures, any pictures, even cd's with pictures. I do feel that i am missing alot in the family and miss you all. Sorry if i dont call as much and am very busy and i try to call when i can. I love you all and i will try to keep in touch.

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Henlines said...

We love you too. Glad you're having a good r&r. Take care!